Claims in New Jersey

Claims is why you purchased insurance and we understand the importance of being there with you at your most difficult time.

  • 1st is to report your claim to the authorities.
  • 2nd is to call us at (908) 355-0111 and speak to our claim specialist.
  • 3rd is to have an idea how much you have in losses.

For auto accidents I highly recommend going to a auto body shop to get an idea of the damages prior to reporting your claim. If the damages are lower or the same as your deductible I recommend you speak to our specialist first.

For Homeowners after calling the fire department if necessary please access your losses so we can report to company right away and start procedures as soon as possible.

For Business Owners I recommend that we start to evaluate your business today prior to any claims as it is much more complicated when their is a business claims and their may be multiple losses from your contents, loss of income and business interruption.

Call us to find out how we can help you prepare for life's interruptions.

Need to report a claim?

We are here to assist you, and walk you thru every step of your insurance claim.